Monday, October 31, 2011

6.35 Pro-B Released

6.35 Pro-B Released

6.35 Pro-B will support PSX games (the real deal)
Plans for Pro-C are already being made, and this will be the last closed source release of the 6.35 Pro CFW
Releases after Pro-C will be open source, and Coldbird announced this open source project might enter the PSP Genesis competition

1-Download 6.35 PRO-B and 6.35 PRO-B Fast Recovery
2-Extract both archives
3-Copy to 635PROUpdate and 635FastRecovery to PSP/GAME on your PSP
4-Run 6.35PRO-A Updater from Game-Memory stick on your PSP or PSP Go
5-Press X to install CFW. It'll ask you to Press X when it's done, Press X.
6-When it's done, go to Settings-System settings-System information. If it states 6.35 PRO-B then well done.
7-This CFW is temporary, so when you turn off your PSP, you're gonna need to reapply it by using Fast Recovery which you downloaded and copied earlier. Just run 635PRO Fast Recovery from Game-Memory Stick and you should be rocking back on 6.35PRO-B

You should be able to launch homebrew, plugins and ISO's now. ISO's go in ISO Folder in root of your memory stick or PSP GO internal storage ( Root is very first place you see once you open PSP or PSP GO drive on your PC ).If you don't have an ISO folder, then create one, all in CAPS.

6.35 Pro-B and 6.35 Pro-B Fast Recovery are Included in the download file